Buongiorno Hotels is a rapidly expanding hotel group, operating in the 4-5 star hotel and villa segment in the Veneto region

Hotel Glamour 4S

Cassola (VI)

Villa Cornér della Regina 4S

Cavasagra (TV)

Villa Lovi 3

Bassano del Grappa (VI)

Villa Patriarca 4

Mirano (VE)

We want to bring ‘the sun in your pocket’ to our employees and customers.

Our mission is to become one of the leading independent Italian players, through the construction of a hotel chain that has as the cornerstone of its working method and approach to its customers the typical Italian hospitality.

We are a group made up of young, dynamic people, driven by a shared dream, who, thanks to a tried-and-tested method and an ever-renewed passion, succeed in pursuing our goals of growth by giving our customers magical experiences through tailor-made hospitality.

Buongiorno Hotels was born from the dream of its founder Simone Furlan to give life to a hotel chain, young and dynamic, that would adopt the warmth and familiarity typical of Italian hospitality as its hallmark.

After a long experience as a trainer and business consultant, also in the hotel world, he realised how the business model of Italian hospitality was rapidly changing, from typically family-run businesses to organised chains.

It recognised that the sector was becoming increasingly international, rewarding clusters and structured groups, as opposed to individual operators.

Convinced that foreign hotel chains would play a leading role in the near future, he saw the opportunity offered by the market, but also the need, to to create an all-Italian tourism project.

Furlan argues that a company is the sum of the people that make it up, which is why it likes to manage it by deploying change leadership, which means challenging the status quo, inspiring its employees to be creative and open to innovation, and incentivising improvement.

He is determined to lead the Buongiorno Hotels Group towards very ambitious growth targets in the coming years, supported by a team of skilled, capable and ambitious people.

The pillars of success

We believe that it is essential to cultivate a corporate philosophy where people are at the centre of our organisational model, putting teamwork before the individual.

Just as in a chain each individual link is fundamental, so in an organisation we consider it essential to recognise the value of each individual team member, fostering the collaboration, dialogue and confrontation that drive us to improve and innovate.

Among our guiding values is the satisfaction of our customers.

This is why our team is committed to anticipating market trends and organising our services to best meet the needs of our customers.

This means not only offering excellent products and services, but also adopting a proactive attitude in order to solve any problems promptly.

The quality of services is measured through people, which is why we need happy employees to make our customers’ stays unique.

Thanks to a tried and tested method, elaborated through experience and developed over decades, we have succeeded in simplifying the many work processes that characterise a hotel business, in order to optimise work.

This approach allows us to bring new structures into our group, easily exporting our procedures and working methods.

The resulting significant economies of scale, combined with prudent management, guarantee the profitability of the projects.

A goal is nothing more than a dream with an expiry date.

The necessary motivation is not related to the achievement of the goal, but to the emotion that the achievement of the goal will give us;

That is why we believe that a dream should be shared and excite as many people as possible in our organisation.

This allows us to set ambitious goals, both in the individual hotels and in the subsequent growth of our group, achieving our goals with professionalism and the strength of our enthusiasm.

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